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A week ago, my mother called me. She was very happy; she'd just gotten two new kittens, which she named Walter and Benjamin, to keep company of her beloved eighteen-year-old cat Paul.

Just as [livejournal.com profile] ladymondegreen and I got home tonight, she called in tears. As she was going to bed, she heard some noisy ruckus -- very different from the kittens' playful wrestling. She got out of bed to investigate, and discovered Benjamin bleeding heavily, apparently from a bite on the neck. She tried to bandage it, and called the vet emergency line, but there was apparently nothing she could do; the kitten had died.

She doesn't know exactly what killed him. There was some strange black fur around, like none of her cats. She has a cat door, which things have come in before, but this was upstairs, far from where the food is; I don't know why any intruder animals would be up there.

The other kitten Walter is, according to mom, still very confused, trying to nuzzle the other kitten's body, or clean up the blood. Mom has put Benjamin's body in a cardboard box; she doesn't seem to know yet what she's going to do with it. I hope she buries him in the yard with our other cat, Rosa, who died three years ago...I imagine she will.

The kittens loved to wrestle with each other, and to sleep in front of the computer monitor, pushing the keyboard off the desk. I was very much looking forward to meeting them...

I really hope Mom's going to be okay.
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