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My dear sweetie [livejournal.com profile] ladymondegreen has now graciously kicked my ass, and made me think about what I want.

I do want to finish the Ph.D. Basically - because I feel that by this point I've earned it. It's been slow, but I have done a good amount of good work. I haven't solved all the world's problems, but that's not what I need to do.

My main problem is finishing things. I've got 80-90% of the work done on a number of good things. If I push myself, I can finish them.

As a first step, LMG is telling me to write out a plan of what I want to do tomorrow. I'm putting it out here, so I can be subject to public ridicule if I don't accomplish it. (This helps.)

So, tomorrow: see Prof. N. and Prof. K. about what they think about my situation. (These are two other professors in the department, on my thesis committee, from whom I can get second, or nth, opinions about my status. I've heard opinions that my advisor is asking me to do too much.)

Assemble the various papers, and other written material, that I think would make up a thesis. This is just a rough cut at this point, but the idea is to see just how much substance there is there.

And, things not to do: reading anything non-work-related while at work. This includes but is not limited to the GCC mailing lists, FreeBSD mailing lists, fanfic, web boards for discussion of fanfic, Usenet, LiveJournal, or Slashdot. Or the novel I have with me.

Let's see if this works.
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