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Once again, I prove I am the master of work-avoidance!

LMG showed me the make-your-own PowerPuff pic generator. So of course I had to make one. And adjust it to be the appropriate size for a LJ userpic. And then tweak it in GIMP to make it "accurate," since they didn't have proper beards or quite the right color of hair.

This is much the same spirit of work avoidance which has led me to re-read the entirety of Undocumented Features in the past two weeks or so. UF is a fabulous story, now, don't get me wrong. It proves that it really is possible to do self-insertion anime fanfic spectacularly well, and it does mind-boggling megacrossovers. (How many stories do you know that feature Utena Tenjou, Slappy Squirrel, Babylon Five, and the Transformers -- and make it work?). But is this really what I needed to be doing just now?

I've gotten LMG reading it now, too. Though she won't admit it. It's a virus, I think.

All this while I've got a paper submission due for a conference tomorrow. It was supposed to be due today, but the conference's submission site was apparently having problems, so they extended the submission deadline by a day. Personally, I suspect someone mounted a denial-of-service attack against their server so they could get an extension.... I'm not complaining.

All this writing has gotten me through a writer's block, I guess, so LMG's nagging to get me to write a LJ entry finally got through. Writing's not that hard, once you get into the flow of it. Weird.

Oh well, that's enough for now.

Mood: Either accomplished or stressed. I can't decide.
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